CUCUTENI – The origin of Europe – english

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The origin of Europe

– Valentin Roman –

?Dear reader, whenever you admire the greatness of the Egypt
pyramids or of the impressive Sumer ziggurats, remember that
somewhere in Romania the Cucutenians created the first cities
thousands of years before those monuments.?

Valentin Roman


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CUCUTENI – The origin of Europe – Valentin Roman – english

CUCUTENI – The origin of Europe – Valentin Roman – english


In the memory of those who are living today and who are passionate about history

and are full of curiosity about how mankind has evolved along the historical stages it

has completed, the elements of the utmost interest are those related to the actions of

some legendary or real heroes, such as Achilles, Alexander or Napoleon, to the deeds

in battle, like Thermopylae and the romantic stories of passions such as that between

Caesar and Cleopatra.

But beyond all this, when we go back in time many millenia before these characters

and moments that history has singled out, and through the witnesses that have lived

them we discover this archaic world of the ?anonymous? of Europe and of the world,

of those who created culture and civilization while the rest of humanity was still in the

dark. We do not know their names, we do not know their language or customs in

detail, but they are the parents and forefathers of Europe grace to their actions, their

inventions and the heritage they left in all the aspects of what we call today human

civilisation, from beliefs and crafts to technology and science.

They are the ones who made the difference from an almost animal-like stage of man

to the evolved and spiritual man, and as far as occupations are concerned, they are

rightly considered the inventors of humanity, and they are the ones who, grace to the

objects left behind, that we are shyly touching now, and which tell us their story so that

we can understand it properly and tell it further to those who come after us so that the

wonderful world created by our oldest ancestors can exhibit its secrets and miracles.


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